How is this approach different?

The Laurel Martyn Dance System: A HOLISTIC approach to dance training for EVERY BODY

DANCE IS AN ART FORM, a complex fusion of a broad range of inter-related components., all of which must be understood independently and then amalgamated in a systemeatic, progressive manner, involving THE WHOLE MIND AND THE WHOLE BODY, so that a balanced performer and true artitst is developed.

A Systematic Approach

A good system will help both the teacher and the dancer to understand all aspects of what they are working towards.

“It doesn’t put exercises together: it tells how to do each movement, what it’s for, and how the development happens – a comprehensive theory of teaching dance so that teachers can fully understand their responsibilities, the artistic side of what they’re doing, and not just the technical side.”

LMDS Programs focus on progressions set by the dance teacher to meet the needs of their classes and individual students

  • The LMDS MANUALS identify and explain the full range of the components of dance. Movements are described from the simple form through the progressions required to develop the final form and their amalgamation. Comprehensive basic Example Exercises are given for all progressions
  • The LMDS STANDARDS provide benchmarking for the holistic Programs

The flexibility of LMDS allows it to be used alone or in conjunction with a syllabus. The Manuals and Standards guide the dance teacher in planning and implementing classes which foster understanding of comprehensive and progressive training which encompasses any syllabus.

Benefits of this Approach

This teacher-based approach enables dance teachers to create individualised learning pathways that answer the needs of their own students:

  • All compents of dance are identified and explained, with comprehensive progressions
  • The purpose, progressions and correlations of individual movements are fully explained
  • Extensive example exercises clarify the explanations and assist with creating methodical progressions and teaching programs
  • Flexibility and breadth allow the teacher to plan and implement progress at the rate appropriate for their own students
  • Full benchmarking assists with monitoring progress and adjustment of teaching plans and programs as needed
  • Promotes creativity for both teacher and students
  • Accords in all aspects with safe and effective teaching practices

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