Laurel Martyn Dance System

A unique approach to movement and dance instruction, developed by Laurel Martyn to suit Australian conditions and training requirements.

The philosophies and practical application of the Laurel Martyn Dance System (LMDS) are quite different from traditional dance teaching methods. In this system, the principles and purpose of movement and creative expression are recognised as the core elements of the teaching, rather than a rigid, standardised syllabus of training (See Benefits of Using LMDS)

The achievement of artistry is based on respect for the body as the essential instrument through which the creative instinct is expressed. A thorough understanding of the basic structure and movements of the body instrument is essential and is developed at all levels. The owner of the instrument, the individual artist, learns how to use and play on that instrument, and how to be creative with the addition of music, rhythm, ideas and emotions, and other body instruments.

At each stage, the student is considered as a complete dancer at their own level of ability and development, with all elements progressing hand-in-hand.

All students, of all abilities and ages, may move beautifully and expressively when they are allowed.

LMDS promotes the benefits of movement and dance training for everyone, not only for the vocational student, and aims to provide a comprehensive range of opportunities for participants to benefit from the many skills acquired from this training.

The system is organic and flexible, allowing students to progress at their own individual pace, and also ensuring that current requirements and evolving concepts in education are continually incorporated.

Using the System as set out in the teaching manual ‘Let Them Dance’, teachers prepare a graded developmental process suitable for their own student groups, taking into consideration physical and cognitive development, time devoted to this study, and the application of the individual student.

The Laurel Martyn Dance System aims to allow every student, regardless of age or accomplishment to move beautifully, musically and expressively, and can be adapted to suit any syllabus or background of training. Teachers of any method and dance style will find this system beneficial as an adjunct to their syllabus work, and are encouraged to participate in MDEC events.

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